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Are You Using A Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Machine?

If you have ever cleaned your carpet yourself using either a rental machine or one of the ones you can buy, then you probably noticed several things.
First, you probably realized that it is hard work. Next, you probably noticed that the spots & traffic lanes did not come fully clean. And last, you probably saw the areas you cleaned re-soil very rapidly.
We can help explain why these things happen.

1. The reason cleaning your own carpet is hard work is because it is hard work! Filling the machine with water and emptying the dirty water is required often as the tanks on these machines are usually very small (generally 2-3 gallons at the most). You have to move the entire machine everywhere you clean. That includes the weight of the machine and the water in it.

2. The reasons you will usually not get spots fully out or get the traffic lanes cleaned is due to the missing components of the cleaning process. Proper carpet cleaning requires pre-conditioning or pre-treating the carpet with cleaning agents to loosen the embedded soil. Sometimes it is necessary to scrub the pre-conditioners in, which requires a separate machine with a brush. Also, the short moment that the cleaning machine sprays onto the carpet & extracts it up is not enough time to adequately get the carpet clean.

3. The reason your carpet can re-soil rapidly after you clean it with a home machine is due to the fact it is very hard to not leave detergent residue on the carpet fibers. This residue is tacky and attracts the soil. In addition, it holds the soil preventing your vacuum from removing it.

So how is the best way to get your carpet clean? The answer probably won’t surprise you. Hire a qualified professional that has the proper equipment and expertise. Our technicians use truck-mounted cleaning systems that thoroughly clean your carpet and fully rinse out the cleaning agents that were applied to do the cleaning.

The best rental or do-it-yourself machines are not capable of producing a professional result because there is more to it than simply applying detergents and rinsing them out. If your carpets are lightly soiled, then you should be able to get an initial result that looks good. The re-soiling problems primarily occur because even the best consumer machines only reclaim a portion of the cleaning agents they put in the carpet.

Carpet manufacturers suggest that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 1 to 2 years depending on the traffic they experience. If you own a do-it-yourself machine, use it in between professional cleaning to touch up traffic lanes when they are lightly soiled. At that point, you should be able to rinse the soil out by simply using water alone & be sure to vacuum thoroughly before. Do not use detergents.

Another good use for those machines is immediate spot removal. You actually have a better chance than we do to remove spots due to time. Just rinse with clear water and you’ll be surprised how many spots you can remove. If the spot still remains, sparingly use the free carpet spotter we provide to all our customers and blot (don’t rub). Then be sure to rinse the spotter out so you do not leave residue in the carpet to attract future soil. Be careful with over the counter carpet spotters. Many of them can cause discoloration and leave heavy residues in your carpet. In addition, some can set the stain so it becomes permanent.

While we appreciate exclusively maintaining your carpet for you, we welcome partnering with any customer that wants to do some interim maintenance themselves to reduce the expense of maintaining their carpet. We hope this information is helpful in achieving the appearance level you want for your carpet. If you have any questions regarding your carpets, flooring or furnishings, please call us at 847.870.9960.

Tips on Caring for Your Rugs

Quality rugs can look good & last a long time if properly cared for. Here are some tips to get the maximum service life from your rugs.

Rotation – To insure even wear, your rug should be rotated regularly. Depending on the traffic, the rotation may vary from six months to two years.

Vacuuming – Area rugs, like most carpeting, should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dirt and restore life to the fibers. Vacuum side to side to avoid catching the fringe with your beater bar! Use the end of a vacuum hose if using a canister vacuum.

Padding – A quality pad used under your rug helps protect it from wear and slippage, as well as soil by making vacuuming more efficient.

Spot and Spill Procedures – Make sure that you safely and immediately clean up spots and spills before they set.

  •  First, soak up the excess liquid by blotting with a clean absorbent material. Do not brush or rub the stain
  • Then spot-clean with a mild detergent-white vinegar-water or our Spot Out spotter solution which is free to all our customers. Do-not over wet.
  • Rinse area thoroughly with water and a small amount of vinegar. Avoid wetting the rug’s backing
  • Blot dry until most of the moisture has been absorbed
  • Allow to air dry. A fan or cool hair dryer directed across the surface can be used to hasten the drying process.

For stains that do not come out using these methods, call us at 847-870-9960.
When your rugs are ready for professional cleaning, Assured Services offers in-plant cleaning. We can pick up & deliver or you can drop & pick up rugs off at our facility. We’ll unload & load them for you.

New Relief for Allergies & Asthma
If you or someone in your home are one of the 70 million Americans that suffer from allergies or allergic illnesses such as asthma or sinusitis you already know how miserable they can be. What you may not know is that dust mite and pet allergen found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergic diseases. And people with relatively mild allergies can develop very serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to these allergens.

Dust Mite Allergies
Dust mites are microscopic, eight-legged creatures that are 0.3mm in length (7,000 can fit on a fingernail) and are invisible to the naked eye. It is the dust mite feces that cause the development and aggravation of allergies. A dust mite will produce 200 times its own body weight in feces during its short lifetime! Mattresses contain 60% of the dust mites found in the home. Given that we spend up to one-third of our lives in the bedroom and are exposed to this highly potent allergen for long periods of time, the bedroom is the number one treatment priority.

Pet Allergies
15% of the U.S. population is allergic to pets and other animals. Many people are unaware that they suffer from pet allergies. Symptoms include watery and itching eyes, hives, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Between 75% and 90% of families with pet allergies do not take their physician’s advice and remove their pets from the home.

Feel the Relief by Reducing Pet and Dust Mite Allergen Levels by 90% or More
There is now a revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the ResponsibleCare® System that allows Assured Services to safely, easily and affordably reduce the levels of these serious allergens by 90% or more!

Cleaning Alone is NOT Enough
No matter how spotless your home, it is impossible to eliminate or clean away dust mites. And most people can’t bear to part with a beloved family pet even though this is the number one recommendation of doctors. The secret of the ResponsibleCare System is the use of specialized cleaning agents followed by application of Allergy Relief TreatmentTM on carpets, mattresses, upholstery, rugs and bedding.

How Allergy Relief Treatment Works
Allergy Relief Treatment changes the shape of
allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body, which prevents them from causing an allergic reaction!

Obtain Immediate Symptom Relief
When a bedroom has been completely cleaned and treated using the ResponsibleCare Anti-Allergen System, results are often seen within the first three days, and often during the first night! Imagine getting a good night’s sleep–tonight!

Enjoy Significantly Reduced Allergen Levels From Now On
When properly applied, Allergy Relief Treatment provides a residual effect for up to six months. In severe cases, treatment may be required every three months.

Allergy Relief Treatment is Safe for You, Your Children, Your Pets and the Environment
All of the products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), phosphates or other hazardous materials and are biodegradable and environmentally safe. In addition, the products are derived from renewable fruit and vegetable seeds. The products are virtually odor free and have been specially formulated for use around people with allergic illnesses and chemical sensitivities. They can be safely and effectively used in homes with children and pets. Allergy Relief Treatment contains no benzyl benzoate and is not a pesticide or mitacide.

So Effective, We Guarantee It!
When the ResponsibleCare System of anti-allergen cleaning and treatment is used to service the mattress and carpeting in the bedroom of allergy sufferers, it is guaranteed to provide a noticeable improvement in allergy symptoms within three days or the service company will refund the portion of their charges for application of Allergy Relief Treatment only.