Area Rug Cleaning

Trust your area rugs to a professional for cleaning.

Oriental Rugs
For over 30 years The Rug Resort has cleaned all types of rugs, including domestic and imported.  The Rug Resort Process involves a very thorough inspection to determine the best method of cleaning and all rugs are cleaned one at a time while  paying detailed attention to specific soiling concerns.  Having your rugs cleaned in our facility allows us to provide a more thorough cleaning than can be done in the home.

We are experienced in all forms of rug cleaning—from our Deluxe Rug Bath to Premium Dry Cleaning.  Your rugs rRug Serviceseceive maximum dry soil removal (dusting) which is the most important step in cleaning rugs.  We remove pounds of dry soil from rugs before even starting the   cleaning process! 

In addition, our cleaning technicians are certified by CleanTrust, the largest certification body in the industry.  This means your rugs are cleaned by a someone professionally trained to clean rugs, not just carpeting.  We will recommend the safest, most effective cleaning process for each individual rug and restore the luster and softness they had when they were new.